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Closet Water Loss Project in Lake Charles, LA

At Apex Disaster Specialists Louisiana, LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering perfect water damage restoration services. Recently, we completed a challenging project for a residential homeowner and handled a closet water loss project in Lake Charles, LA. Read on to learn more about our process and the steps we took to restore the affected areas.

The Water Damage Chaos in Lake Charles, LA Closet

Our client experienced water damage in their closet, which impacted the ceiling, drywall, carpet, and flooring. The homeowner needed a quick and successful solution to prevent further damage and restore their closet to its original condition.

How We Tackled the Closet Water Loss Project

To tackle the water damage successfully, we followed a well-planned approach, making sure every step was carried out with precision and care.

Step 1: Initial Assessment

We started by performing a thorough assessment using a thermal imaging camera and a moisture meter to identify the extent of the water damage. This allowed us to pinpoint the affected areas precisely and helped us make sure no hidden moisture was left unchecked.

Step 2: Packing and Sorting

Next, we carefully packed all the clothes from the closet, sorting them by color, to prevent any cross-contamination or damage. We prioritized the safety of the homeowner’s belongings. We documented the items carefully, so everything could be returned to its rightful place once the restoration was complete.

Step 3: Water Extraction and Drying

To handle the water damage, we used air movers and a dehumidifier to dry out the closet. Our team placed the equipment strategically to maximize airflow and speed up the drying process. We made sure the air movers were positioned to cover all affected areas, and the dehumidifier was set to maintain optimal humidity levels.

Step 4: Monitoring and Adjustments

Throughout the drying process, we regularly monitored the moisture levels using our moisture meter. This helped us make sure that all materials, including the ceiling, drywall, carpet, and flooring, were drying correctly and efficiently. We adjusted our equipment as needed to achieve the best results and prevent any secondary damage.

Step 5: Cleaning and Restoration

Once the area was dry, we focused on cleaning and restoration to make sure the closet was returned to its original condition. This step involved several important actions:

  • Repairing the Ceiling and Drywall: We repaired and restored the damaged ceiling and drywall, making sure there were no signs of water damage left.
  • Restoring the Carpet and Flooring: The carpet and flooring were thoroughly cleaned and restored, eliminating any traces of water and making sure they looked as good as new.
  • Cleaning the Clothes: We cleaned all the clothes that had been packed away, making sure they were free from any moisture or damage.
  • Packing the Clothes Back: After cleaning, we carefully packed the clothes back into the closet, arranging them neatly and in their original order.

Happy Client and Perfect Results 

Thanks to our well-planned and thorough approach, we successfully restored the homeowner’s closet. The client was pleased with the results and appreciated our attention to detail and care for their belongings.

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