bathroom water damage - before and after in Lake Charles

Handling Hidden Water Damaged Caused by Lead Pipe Drain in Lake Charles

At Apex, we understand that when water damage and mold strike, it’s more than just a nuisance. It’s a disruption to your daily life. That’s why we’re committed to restoring comfort to homes affected by such challenges, just like we did water damage restoration in Lake Charles for our valued client.

Our client, a homeowner in Lake Charles, faced a challenging situation. A lead pipe drain beneath their bathtub led to water damage and mold growth in not one, but two bathrooms. With a keen eye for detail and a determination to deliver exceptional service, we started our journey to resolve their issues in no time.

Tackling the Lurking Water Damage

Here’s how we tackled the issue:

  • Assessment and Planning: When we arrived, our team inspected both bathrooms using moisture meters and expertise. We identified heavily affected areas, including studs, drywall, insulation, and the space underneath the bathtub. In addition, we accessed the crawl space with HVAC in the hallway to gain a better understanding of the situation.
  • Removing Damaged Materials: With a clear understanding of the damage extent, we started the removal of the affected materials including damaged drywall, insulation, and affected studs. Our goal was to ensure thorough removal and prevent further mold growth. We work hard to minimize disruption to the client’s home while efficiently removing the damaged materials.
  • Setting Up Equipment and Containment: Following the removal of damaged materials, we moved on to set up the equipment to create an environment ideal for drying and mold remediation. This included the installation of dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and containment barriers. We monitored the equipment throughout the restoration process to make sure we made progress towards our restoration goals.
  • Drying Process: Our next step involved starting the drying process using the installed dehumidifiers. These devices extracted moisture from the air, encouraging the drying of the affected areas. Throughout this phase, we continuously monitored moisture levels to gauge progress and make adjustments to the equipment as needed.
  • Mold Remediation: At the same time, we tackled mold remediation with air scrubbers to capture airborne mold spores and prevent their spread to unaffected areas. Apart from that, we used antimicrobial agents to eliminate existing mold growth on studs and drywall, ensuring a thorough and effective remediation process.
  • Restoration and Reconstruction: With drying and mold remediation completed, we shifted our focus to the restoration and reconstruction phase. Here, we replaced the removed materials with new, undamaged ones. Our goal was to ensure a seamless transition and a final result that exceeded the client’s expectations.
  • Final Inspection: Before completing the job, we inspected the restored areas to ensure quality and effectiveness. This final inspection allowed us to identify and tackle any remaining issues or concerns, ensuring no stone was left unturned.

Mission Accomplished: The Bathrooms Restored and Clients Satisfied with the Results

After our hard work, we restored the affected bathrooms to their pre-damage condition. The client was delighted to reclaim their space, free from the lingering effects of water damage and mold. With peace of mind restored, they could once again enjoy the comfort of their home.

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