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Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Fire Damage Restoration in Westlake, LA

Whether due to a natural disaster or leaking pipes, water damage requires swift action to minimize loss and ensure total recovery. At APEX, water extraction is our specialty. We use advanced equipment to quickly eliminate excess water and accelerate the drying process. Our technicians carefully monitor the area before moving on to cleaning and sanitizing. Once drying is completed, we will see the restoration process to completion to return your home or business to its pre-damage state

Fire and Smoke Damage – How to Properly Restore Your Home After a Fire

Fire Damage

Fires can cause a lot of damage to homes and buildings. Depending on the size and the type of fire, the cost of restoring a home after a fire can be a major financial burden for many.

When you have a fire in your house, it is essential to call in a professional restoration company. These companies will be able to assess the amount of damage, clean the area, and determine whether any items can be saved. They will also be able to determine if there are any cosmetic changes that need to be made to your home.

Before you begin cleaning, take an inventory of all the items that were damaged by the fire. Some items can be cleaned with simple vacuuming and cleaning, but other items may require professional help. You should also take any clothing that was burned and take it to a dry cleaner.

Once you have the items you need to clean, open all the windows and doors. This will allow air to circulate and help to clear the smoke from the room. Smoke can be a very dangerous substance to breathe. It can irritate the eyes, throat, and nose. If you have young children or pets, it is important to move them to a smoke-free environment.

The fire will have damaged floors, walls, and ceilings. These surfaces are likely to warp or crack. Cover the floors in these areas with plastic or towels.

Soot residue from the fire is a permanent stain that can discolor wood, granite, and porcelain. It is also acidic and can pit metallic surfaces. Because soot can settle into any crevice, it is important to remove it. A soot removal expert will be able to remove any soot from your home and will work to restore the surfaces.

Fire damage can be a very stressful time for families. Even if you don’t have a lot of fire damage, it is important to get the building restored as quickly as possible to avoid further problems. As soon as the Fire Marshal confirms that your home is safe, you can begin working on cleaning the interior.

To ensure that you are protected from the toxins that have been left behind from the fire, it is a good idea to have some personal protective equipment on hand. Depending on the type of damage, you may need to wear a mask, gloves, or boots.

If you are planning to move back in to your home, it is a good idea to move out any electrical equipment that was damaged by the flames. Ensure that the HVAC system is off, and that any pets are moved to a smoke-free environment.

After you have cleaned up the damages, it is important to ensure that your home is safe for you and your family to live in. You should wear all of the necessary safety equipment and open all of the doors and windows.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you have your insurance policy in place. If you don’t, you may have to pay for some of the repairs out of pocket.

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Common Causes of Water Damage…

Water damage can come from a natural disaster such as a flood, or an internal error such as a burst pipe. No matter the cause, APEX can help.