Contents Solutions Volume 23 Issue 11

Contents Solutions: Volume 23, Issue 11

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Helping Adjustors and Agents Achieve Their Goals


Experienced adjusters and agents often consider us to be valued allies on any given assignment. We improve the “bottom line” on invoices they send to their managers. We save their carriers massive sums on virtually every job and we get superb reviews for our efforts and their company’s involvement.


The way we do it is through training, experience and protocols that work. As an example, untrained workers may not take the time to prioritize their focus on items that are most important to the homeowner or office manager for emotional or financial reasons.


Sometimes old photographs or a stack of wet books are worth more to a customer than a refrigerator or a big screen TV. And occasionally a single painting is worth more at auction than the remuneration for the entire job.


Contents professionals know that wet items are more delicate than those same objects when they are dry – so we treat them gently. Once a university hired the pros to restore boxes full of old, wet, valuable newspapers – can you imagine a moving crew sorting through individual pages of saturated newsprint?


After a flood, many articles have been exposed to mud or silt, so we remove such contaminants with plain water, or gently flowing, deionized water, along with soft cloths, sable brushes and other museum quality techniques.


Depending on the composition of the articles, when we are performing a sort of “triage” and can’t restore all the wet objects at once, it is common for us to freeze them (yes even clothing, books and photographs). This buys us time to deal with more pressing matters and stops mold from growing and inks or dyes from running.


And there are dozens more things we do on every flood job that you may not even notice. We are even willing to help adjusters look good to their bosses and agents get policy renewals.

If you would like to hear more, just give us a call. The coffee is on us.


Insurance Carrier Saves $11,500 On One Job 


We recently saw a report from a contents restoration company that explained how a homeowner had suffered a loss from a power surge caused by a lightning strike.


The claim was for $14,000. But when the contents pros performed a thorough assessment, they discovered that much of his “loss” could actually be made whole by restoring, not replacing. And that there was considerably less damage than was previously thought.


The carrier saved $11,500. The final bill was only $2,500.


Discarding Total Loss Items


Sometimes it is far more expedient to simply discard some items that have been severely damaged by fire or flood. We always prefer to restore rather than replace, but on occasion the price of restoration will exceed replacement costs. And even then, we comply with local and state laws concerning disposal.


As an example, we can’t just gather up household garbage and toss it in a dumpster beside a refrigerator that shorted out during a flood. Televisions and computers often have special ordinances that decide where they must be taken and how they will be disposed (we have restored both damaged televisions and computers, but when a tree branch is protruding from a laptop, odds are good it must be replaced – and a refrigerator that ignited after an electrical short is most probably a total loss).


Local law enforcement is keenly aware of restoration efforts and there are often heavy fines for non-compliance. Contents pros know all about it. One handyman still tells the story about the time he did not have a tarp on the trailer (full of non-restorables) behind his pickup truck. When he arrived at the municipal refuse site, three police cars were waiting to charge him (and several others) with improper transport.


The Homeowners Son Was Autistic


His mom was deeply saddened by all the other devastation – smoke and soot damage throughout the home. But this contents company was well versed in restoring various items after a fire, so they went to work (knowing that the boy’s electronic gaming system was a priority).

Keepsakes, toys, sentimental items, electronics, photo albums were all restored to pre-loss condition.


Some contents companies restore electronics themselves. Others have some of the best specialists in the country in their “Million Dollar Database.” Almost all of them are reportedly restoring about 90% of water-damaged electronics. Legend has it that the contents pros quietly left, to the distant sounds of a young man deeply involved in his favorite pastime.


Do We Really Need The Contents Pros?


Those who know the contents restoration professionals never have to ask that question. Their invoices speak volumes for their worth. Not only is it common for adjusters to skip over vendor lists to hire their favorite contents team (because they know the job will be completed very well), but other contractors (who don’t have a trained contents team) will hire them to help out with jobs that have a large contents component.


Textiles, documents, photographs, furniture, appliances, etc. all require specialized processes, techniques and equipment that are not common to structural jobs, but are of paramount importance to the contents pros. Contents specialists are not ordinary front line workers – so when you need the extraordinary, they are already standing by.


Contents Solutions Volume 23 Issue 11

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