Contents Solutions: Volume 23, Issue 7

Contents Solutions: Volume 23, Issue 7

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The Adjustor and the Contractor Worked Together


Attorney Dennis Beaver has a column in which he writes about homeowner’s insurance and the law. About a decade ago he included a story that we found particularly inspiring. An 85-year-old couple returned home to find “water everywhere” from a broken pipe.


They called the insurance company and a contractor – both arrived in about 90 minutes (it was 3 A.M.). The structural team used moisture meters, the contents team took dozens of photos, and the adjuster took the couple into their kitchen for a little talk.


Here is what he said, “…The drying process requires using powerful fans, and possibly opening up certain walls, depending upon where the water settled. This means noise, a lot of noise and real inconvenience, with the crew coming in and out, removing furniture, carpets, anything that got wet and needs to be dried.


“Your insurance has a very good additional living expense provision, so you do not have to remain here while work is being done. I will help you pack what you need right now, and book you into a nice hotel downtown. In fact, I’ve already reserved your room. We will cover food and other related expenses during the time your home cannot safely be lived in.”


And the couple added, “… we just could not be more satisfied with the way everyone dealt with us. We heard from the restoration company often and always did what they asked of us to help put things back to normal. I know that you hear more complaints than compliments, but I’ll bet our experience is the rule and not the exception.”


The wife wrote, “Water everywhere – and then two angels showed up.”We think that all our customers should feel that way – adjusters and contractors working together to restore homes (and lives).


More Dennis Beaver Esq. articles can be found at: 


Replace or Restore?


After a fire or flood, sometimes insurance may not cover the replacement to damaged business equipment (especially if you have had it awhile). The restoration pros can often restore and revitalize disabled machines, giving the insured continued service. And, providing the owner more insurance funds to use in other vital areas of the company.


Plus reducing the bottom line for the insurance carrier. Restoring equipment can help decrease business interruption – especially if they are machines that are used every day. And keeping the doors open is often more advantageous than substantial outright purchases, and waiting for the delivery, certification and installation of new replacements.

650,000 Moldy Books Restored


C&R Magazine recently produced an article about one contents company that cleaned and restored 650,000 books which had been infested with mold. The books were located in a university library and the article said of the contents specialists, that it took them 13 weeks, during which they cleaned one book every three seconds.


The contents team reached a peak of 10,000 books being cleaned and decontaminated each and every day they were on the job! They had conveyor belts, drying chambers and even white cloth testing. They used precise IICRC guidelines, spot ATP tests and had third party observers, plus lab sampling throughout the process.


Some of the books were very fragile and were, in fact, priceless. Each and every book was individually handled – and of course, each book had to be returned to its exact space in the system that went 7 levels deep. An amazing feat that nearly exhausted the team (which worked 10 hours a day/6 days a week). The contents pros applaud such remarkable efforts and our friends in the insurance industry sleep easier knowing that the specialists like these are on the job.

The Million Dollar Database 


A fabulous beachfront home (almost 4000 square feet) burned hot, and left a greasy soot.

It rose 3 stories and was topped by a glass observation deck with a full outdoor kitchen and glass railings all around (there were two more kitchens inside the home).


Also inside, was a home theater suite valued in the six-figure range. In fact, there were custom treasures in almost every room. A surfboard had been made into a light fixture. A bathroom sink had been fashioned from a huge southwestern bowl – but it was determined that the stone bowl was so porous and the heat from the fire so intense that there was no viable way to guarantee they could get all the smoke odors out to the satisfaction of the home owners.


Fortunately, the pros brought in artisans from their “Million Dollar Database,” and the job proceeded. Not many companies have those sorts of resources – but this team did.


Why Are Insurance Companies Looking So Hard For The Contents Pros?


When the contents specialists save an adjuster over $30,000 on a single job by restoring instead of “cashing out,” that adjuster stops looking for help to clear his (her) desk – he has what he needs.


When it seems logical to total-loss a designer purse worth thousands, after being exposed to fire, freezing weather (and way too much time), but the contents pros restore it to pre-loss condition for less than $80 (much to the owner’s delight), the adjuster on the case makes sure the pros are with him on as many assignments as he can.


The contents professionals save carriers massive sums on virtually every job. If you don’t have a team of your own, give us a call – we’ll show you how we can do the same for you.


Contents Solutions: Volume 23, Issue 7

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