Contents Solutions Volume 24 Issue 1

Contents Solutions: Volume 24, Issue 1

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Remembering Home Insurance Successes!

Sharing Memories of Success

This is a time of year when we look back over all the successes in which we have participated, the new insurance professionals and contractors who have joined us, and the powerful improvement we have brought to the invoices for those with whom the contents pros work worldwide.


Recently, you may recall how the contents specialists reached into their “million-dollar database” to find an expert who could restore a chipped diamond ring. The stone would have to be made smaller in order to polish out the chip (which normally would drastically reduce the diamond’s value). But the craftsman was so good that in reshaping the diamond, he actually increased its value by $4000!


We have lots of top professionals on whom we can call when even our experience and training isn’t enough for special assignments.


And adjusters are still talking about the contents team that was informed by a university representative that the pros had restored almost $4,000,000 worth of electronics (which had been damaged in a fire) for the school.


We have deliberately made specific efforts to make adjusters look very good to their bosses and to get policy renewals for insurance agents with whom we work. The more we help you, the more assignments you can offer us. We know this and act accordingly, and that is why so many insurance companies reach out to us in their time of need.


Whether the contents restoration professionals have just restored $35,000 worth of soot encrusted porcelain figurines, or repaired a $4000 designer purse, for just $79.99, or established steel-clad bridges between insurance sales agents and their individual policyholders, we make it easy for our insurance allies to perform their jobs and to get rewarded for their efforts.


Not many companies can say that, but a long time ago we decided that it wasn’t enough just to improve the bottom line on an invoice, or to be able to say “Yes,” when so many other contents companies had to turn a job down when they found that their teams simply could not complete them satisfactorily. We wanted to create a community of mutual trust and respect – so every time, on every job, we do things that no structural workers are trained to do.


Not the least of which is to bring comfort, joy and hope to the insured during their time of crisis. We know that we represent you during these disasters, and we are proud to do it well on every assignment.


Worth the Effort

One contents manager was faced with an older policyholder. The lady explained that the silverware set was more important than anything else. But the contents pro knew that most of the house and contents were a total loss. The fire had burned away even the floors and foundation.


He literally climbed down into the cellar, sorted through melted furniture, burned timbers, piles of soot and found what was left of the silverware – it was ruined by the intense heat. Still, the lady embraced the set like a long-lost child and the contents pro continued with the rest of the assignment.


Value to us is always in the eye of the beholder.


Content Pros Don’t Just Save – We Give

Some insurance company execs are surprised to meet contents pros when volunteering at their favorite charity. But we have known that restoration firms have been quietly supporting their communities for years.


One company just received an honorable mention in C&R Magazine for organizing and donating baby formula to families in need.

Another was praised for assembling gift packages for the homeless in their community.


Honestly, there isn’t enough space to list even a fraction of the little things that are taking place all around us and the contents pros are right there!


A homeless mother with 4 children received a new house and the pros collected, cleaned and refurbished all the furniture from discards (contents pros know how to make things look new).

Dr. Phil praised a team, on air, that restored a little old lady’s home (free of charge) after one of the recent hurricanes.


There are hundreds, maybe thousands of such stories out there about the contents pros and their good works, but mostly they just show up, do what needs to be done and leave without ever slowing down for a camera crew.

We just thought you might like to know a little more about the people who stand with you against local disasters.


Random Acts of Kindness

We also look for opportunities to be of special service on the job as well.

Perhaps you remember the article about the contents pros who hired a “cosplay Batman” to come to a little boy’s house to replace his total loss Batman collection.


Or the contents manager who found a little girl in tears. Some workers had thought the girl’s Teddy bear was trash and tossed it. The manager found the bear, sanitized it and returned it in pre-loss condition. It is what we do.


Contents Solutions Volume 24 Issue 1

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